When we’re having a hard time, we often start to identify with the struggle. We start being afraid of the future, of what will happen tomorrow, of what will happen when the baby comes. Fear crips in our minds and we start feeling guilty for even existing. At some point when you find out that you are pregnant and that you are going to be a mum, you feel afraid, you fear being a young/and single mum, you feel afraid of the pregnancy journey, labour and childbirth, you fear of not been able to provide and raise your unborn baby. Sometimes we even start questioning if we will be responsible enough for our babies out of the question if we were even responsible when we got pregnant. It is totally okey, we are still processing.
Being aware of your fears is part of the process of beating it.

Changing your mindset will help you from overlooking the negative part of the process to enjoying the journey and celebrating the small milestones. Self affirmation is a strong tool that magically change how we see things. Saying beautiful and nice things about yourself is the trick to start feeling like the best mum, capable mum, responsible mum, and strong, and beautiful and that your baby wasn’t a mistake and rather a blessing, a gift to you.

I remember when i was pregnant i used to sit down and just fantasise about how my baby will look, her hair, her tiny feet, even starting googling beautiful names from a specific meaning, i mean i wanted the name to carry a beautiful meaning, she was a blessing and a gift and i wanted the name to carry that. This would make me excited and motivated and look foward to that day i will carry her in my arms. Alive,healthy and beautiful.
What you do or eat in one way or another afwoman. your unborn child. You want a positive outcome, you want a healthy baby and you want you both to come out of that labour ward alive and healthy. You have to eat a balanced diet, go for antenatal check up, exercise, get enough rest, take care of your mental health, take your pregnancy supliments. I mean do everything that is required of a pregnant woman. Dont forget baby clothes and nursing supplies that you will need when the baby comes. Having things in order will make you prepared and less afraid.

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