Staying at home with our babies is the safest thing to do during this curfew/ lockdown period due to the Corona virus pandemic. It also means extra work because, babies will always be babies and they will always stay busy it doesnt matter if its my painting the walls or playing with flour. I once found my daughter applying my body cream on her hair, lots of cream on her hair and innocently smilling back at me. Dangerous if she would decide it was icecream. Anyway i decided to keep her busy with more safe activities and fun things to do with her cousins and my younger siblings.

Dancing is a fun activity and also an exercise and a great way to start the day strong and happy and in a great mood. With so many dancing styles coming up, the kids can teach you new moves and you can teach them your moves. Fun right, it is also a time to know your kids better and build their confidence. Since we started dancing i have lost a few kgs. I couldn’t be happier, i never had time for workouts myself, and this turned to be a win win situation.

i played this game myself when i was a kid and i swear its always fun everytime you play. To make it fun, the last one to be found gets a prize. There are ofcourse rules to make the game fair, everyone wants that prize and cheating is possible.

They need to keep up with their preschooler work and this puzzles do a pretty great work. They are colorful pieces and fun to play with while still learning.

Yeah, fruit hunt. You hide a bunch of their favourite fruits and ask them to hunt for them. It is fun looking for hidden things and it is healthier eating fruits and boosting their immunity especially now. They get their snack, healthy snack and have fun at the same time.

This requires very close supervision but its all the same fun and you get an extra hand in preparing their meals. You can ask them to clean carrots or potatoes. Leave them out of fire and sharp objects like knives. You can even ask them to pass you light things like salt or spices. They are always ready for small chores like setting the table too.

Yes sleeping, a whole day of activities, i mean they are tired, a warm bath and a nap is what they need next. Sleeping has so many benefits on there growth and development. And you too you need a break to take a nap or do some work or run some errands or simply some alone time.

There are alot of games and activities to do with your young ones at home. These are just examples of activities that need no preparations or supplies. We are staying at home and so we need to save as much as we can, but still keep our babies busy with fun activities. The older ones are easier to deal with and most of the time they find their own fun activities and old enough to stay safe while playing.

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