Co-parenting is whereby, two parents who are no longer romantically involved, still assume joint responsibilities for the upbringing of their child. This could be hard to go about because after separation feelings run high and the hurt can last a long time. Those feelings can cause distrust and unwillingness to cooperate, which is hard for everyone involved. It means giving up hopes of shared cooperation and deciding together what’s best for the child.

Co-parenting is a good idea of raising your child in events where the parents are no longer together.;

  • kids feel more emotionally secure when both parents take part in their lives.
  • Co-parenting increases the likelihood that both parents will remain an active participants in their child’s life.
  • Co-parenting gives your child a role model and sets a good example for your child to follow in terms of being responsible.
  • Co-parenting ensures that your child has a good life possible because both parents are inputting and investing in their child.

That being said, co-parenting can be a total fail or successful, depending on some issues. Here is a number of tips to ensure successful co-parenting

1). Let go of the past;
Letting go of the past creates a good environment for both parents to fully do their part and not hold back to raising their child.

2). Focus on the child;
Co-parenting simply means the relationship between you two now is solely focused on your child. Focusing on trying to get your other parent might bring about misunderstandings and fight especially if your co parent has moved on and have other partners.

3). Communicate;
Communication is very key in co-parenting. This is very important because both parents are not living together. You should be clear and respectful when communicating to your co-parent. Avoid blaming each other, accusations and threats.

4).Be cooperative;
You should be co-operative and be a united front in things like disciplining the child and in making decisions concerning your child

5). Communicate directly to your co-parent;
This will avoid miscommunication or delay of information. Avoid involving third parties in raising your child. This is also disrespectful to your co parent when you start involving other people. This is okey only if your relationship ended in court.

6). Actively listen;
Listening ensures you get the right information and shows your co-parent that you really care for your child.

7). Plan things ahead;
Things like holidays and birthdays should be planned ahead in order to allow your co-parent prepare in good time in terms of finances and also set time.


  • Don’t talk negative of each other.
  • Don’t ask your child to take sides.
  • Don’t keep your child from your other parent out of anger or spite, unless they are violent.
  • Don’t ask your child to spy on the other parent.
  • Dont be inconsistent with the mutually agreed upon parenting plan.
  • Don’t let promises fail through.
  • Don’t use your child to get something from your other parent.

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