Living rooms have become the new play area for our kids nowadays thanks to quarantine and lockdown. In the past few days, i feel like i have been shouting and yelling all day long. “Don’t write on the walls!”, “please remove your shoes!”, “puts on your socks!”, “stop jumping!”, has become my everyday song and at the end of the day i am burnt out. We want our kids to play and have fun, but this past days, the walls, the furniture and the floor have been on the receiving end of their everyday boisterous play.

Here are a few amaizing tips to help you cope through this period. And not only this period, all through till your kids grow up.


Whether you live with babies just learning how to crawl, toddlers throwing theirs toys, or young kids running in with muddy shoes, your floor will have to put up with alot. You will want floors that not only are safe for your kids, but can also stand up to their spills and wild play.
There are different flooring depending on your liking and budget, but the most common ones ones are carpeting and laminate flooring.

Wall to wall carpeting is a great option for homes whith crawling babies. It requires proper dusting and washing.

Laminate flooring is a better option when you cannot afford to install hardwood or bamboo flooring.

Other flooring options are rubbers flooring which you will mostly find in daycares, and kids’ floor mat for kids play rooms.


Kid-friendly fabrics are a must have when you have a kid in the house. They should repels stains and hold up to added abuse from children jumping, scooting and forgetting to remove their shoes before hopping on the sofa.
Neutral colored furniture will help with hiding the tough stains.

Using sofa covers is a good idea in cases that you have bright colored furniture. They are easy to install and easy to wash.


Am sure most of you have gone through kids drawing and coloring the walls. Blackboard walls really come through when your kids want to draw and color everything. Just makesure it is set up close to a door or window or the farthest corner of the room so that the dust from the chalk will blow out.

Bonus tip; keep glass decoration like glass flower vases and others things that can break easily away from your kids, you do not want accidents in the house while they are playing

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