For many of us in self-isolation, it can feel like the coronavirus has put the world on hold as we wait for release from our temporary imprisonment. A good way to stave off negative feelings would be to stay productive while responsibly social distancing.
Here are 5 invaluable skills you should learn to help you stay afloat during this period.


Cooking is certainly a skill that everyone should learn to some extent. Learning to cook or to bake is relatively easy, particularly since there are video tutorials and recipes all over the internet. Now that your favourite restaurant is temporarily clossed, you should take advantage of this free time and learn to make these meals.


Emergency situations can arise anywhere, at anytime, and without prior notice. In such a fast paced world, bystanders are often the first ones to take action following an incident.
If you are a parent or an adult incharge of kids safety, you have the added responsibility of being prepared to act in emergency situations. Knowing a few first aid skills can enable you to save somebody’s life.


With coronavirus disrupting our daily lives, many people are worried about the effects on their budgets. Being told to sit on your hands and wait while uncertainty swirls around you can just add to you stress levels. Many have lost their jobs and others received a cut on their monthly salary. Taking practical steps to manage your money can give you a better handle on your finances right now.learn money saving tips


Your home is one of the most expensive things you will pay for, so whether you are renting or owning, you should take good care of your home. While you will probably be tempted to call a professional when something breaks, you can take care of alot of problems yourself.
Most of these home repairs can be done with little or no experience. However, always be sure to do your research on anything that you do not understand especially if you are dealing with electricity.

changing a light bulb
uncloging a blocked sink.


In this Scarry new world of shortages in the markets, self isolation and lockdown, so many of the things we took for granted have been thrown into disarray, including the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Wells, there is an alternative to scouring your freezer with vegetables -and that is growing some vegetables yourself. Vegetables are ridiculously healthy and surprisingly easy to grow. You do not need a farm to grow vegetables because they can even grow in pots and the little space behind your kitchen.

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